Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is an Australian television series for children
created by John McCallum, produced from 1966 to1968,
telling the adventures of a young boy and his intelligent pet kangaroo,
in the fictional Waratah National Park in Duffys Forest, near Sydney, New South Wales.

 The main characters were:

    Ed Devereaux as Matt Hammond, the Head Ranger of Waratah National Park
    Garry Pankhurst as Sonny Hammond, Matt's younger son
    Ken James as Mark Hammond, Matt's elder son
    Tony Bonner as Jerry King, flight ranger (helicopter pilot) (exit No.78)
    Liza Goddard as Clarissa 'Clancy' Merrick (entry No.9 exit No.75), the teenage daughter of a ranger stationed at another section of the park.
When her father is transferred to a park in northern New South Wales,
Matt invites Clancy to stay with the Hammond family so that her music studies are not disrupted by the move north.
    John Warwick as Sir Adrian Gillespie, Head of the NSW National Parks Board
    Elke Neidhardt as Dr. Anna Steiner, a German doctor and playing a support role
    Morgan Brain as Sgt. Bernard Gillies
    Skippy was played by at least nine different kangaroos


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