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Four Kids
There were once four kids, Poop, Shut Up, Manners, and Trouble.

Poop was riding his bike and fell. Manners went to help him up. Trouble got lost. Shut Up goes to the Police Station to report it.

Officer: What's your name?
Shut Up: Shut Up.

Officer: What's your name?
Shut Up: Shut Up.

Officer: For the last time, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!
Shut Up: Shut Up!

Officer: Are you looking for Trouble?
Shut Up: Yeah, we lost him about 2 miles back.

Officer: Where's your Manners?
Shut Up: Back there pickin' up Poop.

Dead Gold Fish  

Patty was sitting in her back yard digging a hole to bury her dead goldfish. Mrs. Johnson, who lived next door, was watching her over the fence.

Mrs. Johnson said, "Patty, what are you doing?"

Patty said, "I'm digging a hole to bury my dead goldfish."

Mrs. Johnson said, "Patty, don't you think that hole is a little BIG for a goldfish?"

Patty said, "No...it's inside your damn cat!"

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Lots of Toy Brands On Sale