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Skippy the bush kangaroo Australian television series for children .

Aussie Story Australian Story Title: Outback Memory

Isabella's adventures Isabella was feeling weary and bored with her surroundings

Barbie Birthday New and Fun.

Australian Kids Online Games Play Games Online Games from The Net.

Shockwave Games available at Shockwave include: Carrie The Caregiver, Diner Dash, Cake Mania, Build-a-Lot, Monopoly, and Risk, just to name a few.

Aussie Kids Sport This is a link to a page on this website with Football,Rugby,Cricket and more!.  

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Australian Kids Online Games Greeting Cards is a free greeting card site for everyone our greetings collection here, including flash animated, wallpaper greetings, and postcard with music Juke Box. Over 5,000 cards online. All Free!

Kids.Net.Au - kids safe portal for children, parents, schools and teachers .This is a link to a website on the World Wide Web.

Yahoo Kids! is the ultimate web guide for kids! Features fun and educational resources This is a link to a website on the World Wide Web.

ALLdownunder an Aussie Place on the Web Australian songs like Waltzing Matilda and Tie Me Kangaroo down have captured our history, the pride we feel in our country and some show our famous Aussie humour.

Educational Information & Links This is a link to a page on this website.

Australian Kids Shop This is a link the Shopping page on this website .

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Funny Jokes This is a link to the Joke page on this website.

Microsoft Games & Software This is a link to Microsoft Shopping on the World Wide Web.

Gamingator.com Games & PC This is a link to Gamingator.com - The games you dream about on the World Wide Web.

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Simple 3D Shapes Objects Games

Simple 3D Shapes Objects Games

These Applications
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Google apps and apps from Google Play
Simple Town where creativity and games
goes hand in hand as kids can learn 3D shapes in a fun way.

 Meet with cubicle characters,
get creative and play shapes & object related games in the cubicle shaped sandbox town.

The game is designed with education purposes
for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten aged kids who want to discover and learn different shapes in a playful way.




Family Farm
Family Farm Seaside

Visit the Links Below By Kids Games Projects

These Applications
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Oli and Animals in Winter

Oli and the Animals in Winter
It teaches the science of cause and effect.
Also, this app will also stimulate a baby's senses through sight, sound and touch.

This game is a continuation of previous games.
It presents the basic jobs and tasks that await Oli and the animals each winter.
Here, a child learns what different animals can be fed
and how bird feeders and dog kennels are built.
Besides this, the game shows the many activities of daily life, such as for example cleaning and baking.

Animals Farm for Kids

Animal farm for the kids is to present the basic work in the countryside.
It will allow your child to meet the basic animals (such as chickens, ducks, cows, pigs) and activities in the country.
The child also learns where does the milk, cheese, honey come from, how to fix a fence or replace the tires on the tractor.

This knowledge will be gained by performing tasks such as unscrewing the wheels in the tractor
(by moving the wrench on the nut), mowing the grain, feeding animals and many others.

This application teaches a cause and effect relationship and stimulates the child's senses through image, sound and touch.

Zoo for Kids

Trip to the zoo for kids presents various animals in a zoo.
The game introduces various animals to the child (e.g. elephants, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others).
 The child leans what the animals eat, and how to fix a broken fence or tractor.
This knowledge is acquired by performing actions in the right order, such as unscrewing a tractor wheel or washing and feeding animals.

The application has been designed to teach cause and effect. It stimulates the child’s senses through pictures, sounds and touch.

Preschooler World

Preschooler World is to expand the child's vocabulary and to teach it the principle of cause
and effect by the appropriate performing of tasks in the game.
While playing, the child learns to connect elements in pairs, to tidy up the room,
 and to mark hot objects which shouldn't be touched. The game contains many other additional levels to aid the development of the child.

The application stimulates the child’s senses through sight, sound and touch.

Oli Helps Animals
Oli helps animals has been designed to introduce and present three professions: paramedic, firefighter and police officer.
To make the characters more interesting, they are impersonated by a bear, monkey, cat or goat.
The main objective of the game is to help the animals in different situations (e.g. flood, injury, finding a missing bicycle, etc.).
 The child performs the tasks by clicking, dragging and moving various elements on the screen of the tablet.

Help a sick cat, prepare a dinner for firefighters, check a car or a motorcycle, or put out a fire
 are just examples of the interesting tasks that need to be completed during the game.
The application guarantees that your child will not get bored easily.

Pocket Pest Insect Smasher
- Smash Ant Lady Bug Beetle Louse Spider & Cockroach in the Smashing Free toddler kids game

Pocket Pest Insect Smasher - Smash Ant Lady Bug Beetle Louse Spider & Cockroach in the Smashing Free toddler kids game
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
Some features of Ant Killer - Best Ant Smasher:
+ 5 Different types of insects to smash (ant, ladybird, beetle, cockroach, spider)
+ Different insects act differently and can be killed differently
+ Artificial intelligence in insects
+ New types of enemies are unlocked after the end of each wave
+ Several Ants to Smash
+ Dangerous Spider - Don't Touch the Spiders!
+ Game for all ages, man and woman!
+ A funny app to pass the time.
+ Keeps you busy all the time during the game play, never gets board.
And finally All... for FREE!
Vocal Warrior
Vocal Warrior foriphone and ipad
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

World's First Voice-Controlled Fighting Game!
Dare to challenge a real-time fighting game with your voice but not your hands?
Come try Vocal Warrior, the World's First Voice-Controlled Real-Time Fighting Game!
Summon historic icons to fight for you with your voice and customize skill commands based on your own sayings!

•Sensitive Sound Recognition Engine -
Attack, dodge, block, and cast devastating abilities all with the simple command of your voice!
•Individual Voice Optimization - The more you play, the better the game recognizes your voice.
CopRun! is the most vibrant addictive Cops and Robbers game!

1.  You need first to install this game in your phone for free!
2.  Bob the robber stole the High City central bank, and he's running with millions of dollars. However, once a looser, always a looser, all the money bags fell down from his car
3.  You need to help Bob to Rob back his money bags. If you successfully get any money bag, it will be counted by 1 in the Score..
4.  4 cops try to catch you at the beginning. As you progress, you will see many cops are coming to help the other cops stop you.
5.  The game ends when a cop catches you.

What are you waiting for? Download our game Now and Enjoy playing the best Bob the Robber game ever!
FOR APPLE PHONE iTUNES                                                                     FOR ANDRIOD PHONE

Featured New Games From Google+

Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga

Welcome to world of neon cars racing games! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the league.
Do you think racing in a straight line is easy?

Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga
Control the pink and the blue cars racing at the same time. Tap to change your drift direction.
Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Tap..Drift..Easy? It is one of the addicting car games.

The cute little neon cars are racing to collect circles, and triangles.
Beware of the square box. Don’t hit the obstacle or miss the circle; this is the play rule in this fun game.
Collect points, gain the best score in global ranking and challenge the worldwide players.
The thrilling action of racing saga will keep you playing until the very end!


Are you ready to begin your furious racing games? The features await you:
- Neon racing cars and neon backgrounds;
- Collect circles (1 point each) and triangles (2 points each);
- New fun exciting levels;
- Simple touch control;
- Tablet optimized;
- Stunning graphics, colorful visual cartoon and smooth animation;
- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;
- Social network sharing;
- Stay tuned for updates; and
- Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay.

Are you a Racing Champion? Now it’s time for YOU to climb the leaderboard and entrench your name in Hall of Fame! Have fun!

Penguin Run Saga

Welcome to Arctic world of adventure! The cute little Penguin is rushing to collect fish.
Tap..Flap..Easy? It is one of the addicting games.

Penguin Run Saga 
Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Tap to change your flapping direction.
Beware of the ice cones and snow balls. Don’t hit the obstacles; this is the play rule in this fun game.
Collect points, catch fish, unlock more colourful penguins and gain the best score in global ranking and challenge the players.
The thrilling adventure of Arctic animals will keep you playing until the very end!


Are you read to begin your flappy adventure? The features await you:
- Snowy mountains and cold snowy backgrounds;
- Collect gold fish and unlock exciting colourful penguins;
- New fun exciting levels;
- Simple touch control;
- Tablet optimized;
- Stunning graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth animation;
- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;
- Social network sharing;
- Stay tuned for updates; and
- Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay.

Are you a Penguin legend? Now it’s time for YOU to help the cute little Penguin. Have fun!
NEW Hollywood Celebrity Dress Ups

Hollywood Celebrity Dress Ups

Start dressing up your favorite Hollywood celebrity including the latest fashion and designer accessories.

- Give Miley some hot designer heels to go with her swimsuit!
- Dress up Jennifer in her glamorous ball gown!
- Give Gaga a new hair style!
- Add sparkling jewellery to Taylor!
- Dress up Nicki in the hottest urban outfits!
- Give Kim a new celebrity style make-over!

This can be shared on all social networks like Instagram®, Pinterest® and Facebook®

Take 100's of different photo's of your favorite Hollywood celebrity and give them unlimited styles and looks.

Play Hollywood Celebrity Dress Ups Now! FREE


App Description: Tall Tails is an adorable, yet challenging, puzzle adventure for all ages with 100%
of net proceeds from $0.99 download being donated to animal rescue!

Master all of the 125 levels that progress from simple and straightforward to brain-breakingly difficult.
Form the correct path using all available tiles before you run out of ink.

 But beware, you get knocked back if you try to cross your path or run into a pesky Pathblocker!
App Features:
Simple touch-and-drag controls
Irresistible puppy characters and character customization
Special reward items Purchasable bonus characters and accessories
Power-ups to help complete difficult levels
 Â· 125 challenging initial levels
Sleek cartoon style with strong storytelling
Engrossing sound effects and rewarding gameplay
  Easy to play, more difficult to master·
You Tube Video --http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wdSKDLDUjo

Soon Available on Andriod

Happy Lady Bird

Here is our cute little Happy Lady Bird. She always wants to be happy and wants to enjoy the variety of life.
She needs your help to take her for a long journey to enjoy the weather and the beauty of Nature.

Help her in this adventure, addictive game!

Tap your device to make the lady bird fly,
Dodge the obstacles coming in the way and beat your friends high scores.

Happy Lady bird , flappy is very cute .tap on screen to flap through the obstacles.
Have fun and make your highscore.

A Fairly Talented Christmas
Download Now Free Until Xmas Eve
A Fairly Talented Christmas

 (Tojo and Nelly's Cat Tales) [Kindle Edition]
It’s a busy run up to Christmas in Tojo and Nellys household.
The snow is glistening, the tree is twinkling and poor owner,
Ben is whizzing about like a whirlwind!
He must finish all his baking for the Christmas Fair
and still have time left to practise his marvellous magic act.
Tojo and Nelly have been practising too and the whole village is out on the green to see everyone perform.
The thing is, Nellys not too sure if magic is one of her many talents

This book is the Special Christmas Edition 2013 and part of the series "Tojo and Nelly*s Cat Tales"

       World of Animals for Kids

        Only on Android... 5 in 1

    Learn about animals from all over the world
                       5 games in 1
   Includes memory exercises, problem solving,
     spelling games and more
   Talk Version for positive reinforcement
   Great for learning whilst having fun

World of Animals for Kids Only on Android... 5 in 1

Fun, simple, safe and adorable. Introducing Leo the Lab in Pup Jumper!
Pup Jumper FREE
Leo is a cute, friendly pup who just loves to chase a ball or just his own tail.
Unfortunately, Leo fell asleep one night and woke up in a cage in the desert! Now it’s up to you.
Help him escape in this simple kid-friendly game.
Tap to jump over the cacti, squirrels, snakes and of course the dreaded cats!
Check out the new company from the game's main screen
Click Here
Pup Jumper FREE

By sharon heller

memory game

memory game google play
This unique game is created specially by parents and educational experts
and is perfect as primary teaching tool for your toddlers or preschool kids!!
It is also a big fun for all the family !!

It has lots of advantages just in one classical, but unusually designed game with a twist..


Sbyke rear-steering scooter
Want to try the newest, coolest thing on the streets? The Sbyke is a combination of skateboard, BMX bike and scooter.
It’s a fresh, new ride where you use your feet and balance to carve and steer. Plus it’s wheely fun.
Get ready to roll with this quality cycle that features a frame of aircraft-grade aluminum
with a 10-ply maple deck and a BMX wheel in the front as well as 35mm skateboard wheels in the back.
Be one of the first in Australia to experience the extreme excitement of Sbyke.

Australian Greeting Cards

Pockie Ninja has gathered more than 11 million registered users around the world from March 2011 to Jan 2012. .

Australian free information - from Australian animals to culture and so much more.
Unique Australian free greeting cards 


Aussie Site all about Australia

Buy T-shirts & Gifts at Australian Native T-shirts


Australian Kids Online Games.com

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Australian Kids online Games and educational information for Kids


2048 Down Under Game

Based off the popular 2048 game.
The game of 2048 with all the animals from the land of down under! 

20482048 down under

The music, scenery and sparkles along with the animals
Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Example: 2+2=4 ... 4+4=8 ... When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins.

As you get a higher number you will unlock different Australian animals

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Free Category: Games Released: Jul 20, 2014 Version: 1.0 Size: 16.4 MB Language: English Seller:

Davis Merker © Psycho Sandwich Studios 2014 Rated 4+

Interactive kids coloring book is a game for everyone. We placed particular attention to the use of coloring pages by small kids. Painted pictures are very simple and each provides educational role.
Click Here
With our tools you can use plain color brush or pencil, for the less patient toddlers filling shapes function has been implemented. Our filling algorithm takes into account shapes painted by a child, which allows you to create really cool pictures. painting for kids. Our coloring book teaches kids letters of alphabet . We added 24 animated funny letters of English alphabet as stickers, you must see them! After pressing letter you will hear correct English pronunciation recorded by native English speakers. With our coloring book kids can learn not only the names of colors, we have provided also to color pictures of digits 0-9 and the 24 letters of the alphabet. While coloring digits kids can color the same number of items equal-colored numeral. In addition children can learn names of animals. Coloring book is divided into following categories: mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians etc.

Categories school and holiday help children to get used to the rhythm of daily duties. In addition to basic functions such as filling, painting and eraser, it is possible to put stickers on pictures. Kids have the choice of many colored stickers that decorate beautify their artistic work. Some of the labels are animated, many emits different sounds. Stickers can be increased or decreased by double-clicking on the image. It is known that in all of the manual work, either using a brush or pencil kids develop and improve manual skills.
Kids coloring book does not attempt to replace the traditional and very important tool, it is an accessory that complements and stimulates children's experience and imagination. We are also the parents and we know how important it is that applications for our children to be good quality, intuitive and transparent. Coloring book for kids was invented because we were looking for an application that will meet all our expectations. Our Coloring pages for kids runs quickly, while painting lines or coloring figures there is no delays. Children will be happy to use this coloring because of the richness of colors and functionality Install coloring page books for kids and see how easy it is in use and how much fun it will make your babies while coloring. Frozen coloring book. Your child can choose coloring in many categories such as: - Letters - Numbers - Holidays - School - Mammals - Reptiles and Amphibians - Birds - Insects - Fish - Funny cup to color and others.
While working with your child you can teach color names, recognize different animals, you can color and paint your own images. Child may also hear barking dog, or cat's voice. There are floating fishes. Coloring book allows saving pictures in the gallery, from where the image can be printed, sent by e-mail or shared on social network. Drawing different shapes and motifs supports our children's imagination. Coloring page has a variety of audio features. in the coloring and activity sheet, you can find many other interesting features. There is coloring by number. We highly recommend our coloring book for kids. My daughter Dora loves this coloring sheets. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Coloring/1489911931226963?ref=bookmarks G +: https://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/posts Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodsofttech