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Isabella's adventures

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Author: Maddy Cox

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desert plain

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                                                                                                                                             Isabella's adventures

                                                                                                            Isabella was feeling weary and bored with her surroundings. 

The country was too quiet and uneventful. Sometimes she only could hear the beating of her own heart - thump, thump, thump. 
Monotony enveloped her and mediocrity stifled her.  Besides the occasional desert winds everything lay still.
 She had to get away, get out of this dusty old town before it choked her to death!
 Isabella had grown up in a remote country town with a population of 600 people.
The land was parched with long spells of drought. The dry land was only useful for cattle grazing as nothing could grow in this desolate place.   
Dust storms swept through this lonely town.  There were hardly any trees or shrubs and no gardens.
A corner store which doubled up as a post office & service station was about 30 miles away from her home.
School was 10 miles away.  But this was her final year until she would go to a boarding school in the big city.  
Even though she yearned to get away from this town she wasn't looking forward to boarding school.
Instead, she dreamed of travelling to far away places that she had read about in her favourite books.
Maybe she could fly to Marrakech, Morocco or  Istanbul. Such exotic places would surely thrill and excite!
The culture, the food, the landscape enticed her imagination. 

crows in tree
roosting crows ( / CC BY 3.0

Her mother had always called her 'a dreamer', lost in her own little world, dreaming her life away. 

But then without her dreams she would have had no goals that she could strive towards. After all, don't dreams come true? Sometimes?

Isabella decided that somehow, someday, she would travel and visit foreign lands


A year passed and Isabella went away to an all girls boarding school.  A young girl from India at the school, named Priya, befriended Isabella. 
Priya told stories of her experiences of growing up near Mumbai. Priya described the wild elephants and monkeys she had seen in her childhood.
She depicted the monsoons that had flooded the streets and the sizzling heat which scorched like a fiery oven. The blistering heat was at times more than she could bear!
It parched her mouth and sweat soaked through her clothing until the clothes dripped like washing on the line.
Relief seemed untenable, for Priya and her family had lived far from the coast.
There was never a cool breeze, no reprieve that could have alleviated the sweat dribbling from her brow.
Only more sweltering heat!  She also described the lushness of her country, the rolling green hills of tea plantations and the dense forests.
As Priya spoke Isabella was momentarily transported to India visualising what it could be like in her mind's eye living in a vast land of undulating contrast!

She could almost feel the blistering heat, the monsoon rains, the saturating humidity and picture the verdurous countryside, so unlike her barren hometown.
Priya and her family had migrated to Australia 10 years previously.
Her father now owned and managed a successful import business of spices, rugs and tapestries from the Middle East. 
On school holidays Priya helped her father in his office and Isabella visited the family every chance she could get.
Priya's mother cooked delicious Indian dishes that filled their house with such fragrant aroma of cumin, saffron and chilli spices - which tantalised the senses of taste, smell and sight.

The following year Priya planned to return to India with her family for a holiday.
Isabella wished she could travel with them but her parents told her she could not go.  The day that Priya left for India Isabella went to the docks to see her off. 
She watched and waved as the ship set sail and drifted away from the pier.
Isabella wistfully looked out into the distance and yet smiling to herself, vowed that one day soon she would be waving goodbye from the ship.
And with that resolve she turned homeward but only for a brief interlude until the day when she would sail away.

cruise ship by CC BY 3.0

By Maddy Cox

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