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Story Title: Outback Memory

Author: Brooke Folk

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Kangaroo's in the outback

I was seventeen and full of spunk and bunk when I left society behind.

You probably won't buy this story mate and that's ok, just read it for a short spell. I don't mean buy it as purchasing it but rather you probably won't buy the story as truth, it's that bazaar.

From age 12 I was mostly on my own and I fit in with Mother Nature's element much more comfortably than staying indoors with my aunt after my mother died from a rare bout of pneumonia. I would learn to survive off the land and my instincts and I stuck with the educational system until I was 15. 

                                                                              When Auntie died I had enough and just wandered into the Outback for the next 10 years.

My name is Jester Smythe. Jes is plenty. I fit in with some tribes here and there for the first year. Not too many 15 year old white guys were wandering and living in the outback. News traveled fast and I was somewhat of a rebel without a cause other than enjoying my independence.


Just shy of a year on my own I bedded down with a full moon sharing the vast expanse with me. Wetness woke me. A flash flood that violently crashed down many miles distant silently began edging its way toward me without any warning and I had foolishly bedded down in a gully wash. The moon glowed on a half mile wide glimmering slick of water three feet deep. My imagination of crocks being washed along with me for the next half hour and estimated six miles of travel holding onto a scrub tree did not hold true.

dry river bed

dry river bed ( / CC BY 3.0

SDingocrapped and bruised and without any of my gear I awoke to whimpering. A Dingo was still clinging to our savior scrub tree. A male, my guess about two years old was eying me so pitifully. His right hind leg was at an awkward position and I reasoned it was broken. Then a small Kangaroo came to a stop in the receding waters, so tuckered out in the ordeal that it had no intention of trying of remove his body from mine.

TKoalahe three of us just huddled together, thankful to be alive and not totally alone. What I thought was a young Joey emerging from the Kangaroo's pouch was no relation whatsoever. It was a young Koala. So now the four of us became the oddest outback roamers that any tribe ever witnessed or chronicled in their hand me down stories. We were found, the Dingo's leg was set at my insistence and we unnaturally became the talk and exaggerated myth of the outback for almost ten years. A reporter caught up with me and wove a tale about one of the major zoo's offering me and my troop a special place in their world. We remained a troop for a few remaining years in total luxury in our specially built habitat.

That was over thirty years ago and now nearing 60; I thought it was time to share some of our adventures. I told you that you probably wouldn't buy this story mate but go ahead and roam the outback and ask about the myth of the odd outbackers. A young man they call Jes, a Kangaroo named Scrub, a Koala named Pouch and a Dingo Jes called Limp.

The beginning.





desert plain

desert plain ( / CC BY 3.0  

crows in tree

roosting crows ( / CC BY 3.0

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